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Basic Tower Defense Game [First Game]

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My first game. Simple tower defense, I enjoyed making it. This was a good experience at getting semi-used to the engine. I hope to update in the future. Still no way to win, planning to add that eventually.1.0.1 -> Fixed a bullet collision glitch (bullets weren't being destroyed vs fast enemies)1.0.2 –> Fixed underlying issues1.1 -> Basic finance system added! (Mislabled "Score" for now, score to be added). Improved pathfinding.1.2 -> Finance system correct, starting <s>score</s> money* changed from 10 to 40. Prices adjusted accordingly. Added more difficulty and the use of a "HUGE WAVE" after 85 seconds. Will adjust next version1.3 -> Finance tweaked, increased speed of Blue Enemies. Increased HP Gain of Red Enemies.This is likely the end of my project as I want to move on to a new game with the skills I learned making this.
Test GameRight Click to Delete turretsLong Range Turrets cost 15Upgrading Long Range Turrets to Rapid Fire Turrets costs 10[s]Deleting Long Range Turrets returns 3Deleting Rapid Fire Turrets returns 6[/s]No longer valid. Will update

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